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SQL Server 2005 vs. MySQL 5.x

Database PROS CONS
MS SQL Best for enterprise-level applications Expensive License
Enterprise level DB server that allows you to perform business layer functionality within the database.
It allows a very thin client architecture.
Requires more hardware than MySQL
Superior replication, clustering, and security Complex replication
Better for windows applications Platform dependant
Tightly integrated with  
Advanced reporting controls and data management tools  
Database PROS CONS
My SQL Relatively Inexpensive License Relatively lower Security
Platform independent Limited to supporting basic security at the table level via SQL commad
MySQL is most effective for read-only environments and the web/edge tier applications Not effective for applications in demanding OLTP environments, requiring enterprise-class reliability, availability, and scalability
Better suited for Unix/Unix-like systems and well for windows Very basic DB server. It depends on a heavier business layer for the manipulation and preparation of data for presentation
Multiple storage engines (6)  
Easy replication  

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