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Order Management Dashboard for SAP R/3

Easy to use and affordable web interface for SAP
A better alternative to NetWeaver

Enables sales groups to interact with SAP Order Management to create and view sales order information all within a web based interface.

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Our Order Management is an SAP integrated web based dashboard that enables quick responsiveness for customer inquiries. Optimized, sales force tailored user interfaces provide comprehensive information at one glance including:

Order status
Submit order request
Inventory status
Print, view or browser invoices
Other custom functions

With our dashboard, end users do not have to know or understand the inner workings of SAP which minimizes training costs and spurs user adoption. In addition, the dashboard can give you web based business intelligence on top of your solution in a matter of days. No need to download and install software. You can access the dashboard using only a web browser or your mobile device.


Efficient execution of customer inquiries regarding sales orders
Improves visibility of sales orders and inventory status
Minimal learning curve for users
Improved user productivity
Minimal development effort cost

Available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model:

Deployed in days instead of months
No costly upgrades or maintenance fees
The security, scalability, and speed your enterprise expects
Fraction of the cost of traditional reporting tool

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