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"Over 66% of enterprises are not confident their organization has a single view of their legacy data, while they recognize that data quality is imperative to business and compliance "

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IT Dimensions' Migration Methodology

To overcome migration challenges and ensure successful migration,
we follow these best pracices:

    Minimize risks by careful planning and focusing on pre-upgrade tasks and assessment such as evaluating pitfalls, creating roll-back scenarios and making go-live assessment.

    Make the transition as transparent to users as possible by planning the migration and the phase-out process to accommodate customer priorities and the users' needs.

    Minimize impact on your operations by scaling the migration effort to commensurate with the organization's resources and capabilities.

    Minimize the downtime window by using methods that require the least amount of downtime and fast troubleshooting.

    Focus on cost-efficiency by utilizing the existing technologies and resources and eliminating roll-backs.

The migration approach and degree of automation is tailored to your project based on factors such as source and target data stores, mapping logic and operation systems.

Our agenda is to deliver the most appropriate solution for each client and to help our clients to maximize the benefits of their migration effort.

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