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"Key cost factor with legacy takedown is data migration / conversion [Enterprise Architect]"

Our primary service offerings include:


Legacy Systems Migration

IT Dimensions provides legacy migrations for a wide spectrum of platforms and operating system environments including:

    Mainframe databases, command line interfaces, RDBMS
    or online applications. For example;

    Migrating AS/400 environment to Windows or .NET

    Version migration e.g. SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005/2008

System migration is associated with many challenges including
user interface compatibility, database compatibility, transition support, system interface compatibility and training.

Our migration experts have the expertise to seamlessly manage any challenging and complex database migration requirements.
We use methodology that ensures:

    Reliability and low risk
    Minimal impact on your operations

Best Practices       SQL Server Migration Checklist


Data Quality and Cleansing

To further improve the migration process we provide data quality assessment and data cleansing. The data is classified, standardized, and cleaned.
We remove inconsistencies ranging from duplicate records, proper classification, one-to-many field and/or missing critical data.

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  IT Dimensions' Data Quality Framework

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