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Order Management Dashboard for SAP R/3


What is Order Management Dashboard?
It is a web interface for SAP that enables sales groups to interact with SAP Order Management to create and view sales order information.

Why Order Management Dashboard?
Our solution provides web access to your SAP without the high cost of licensing and maintenance for expensive platforms such as NetWeaver or WebSphere.

How do you connect to the SAP?
There are 2 primary mechanisms for populating data in the dashboard:

File upload via secure FTP
Direct connect to data sources using SAP Connectors

How long does it take to implement the dashboard?
The basic modules (Order Status, Submit Order, Inventory Status and Invoice View) can be implemented in 24 hours. If you require any customization it can be added on top of the basic models on the run while in the production.

What views can you create?
The basic views are Order Status, Submit Order, Inventory Status and Invoice View. We can also implement custom views such as BW report, customer management or order history.

What security is applied?
We communicate with SAP securely using secure FTP. We provide all the ports that you need to open on your firewall.
The modules have group level security.

How do you ensure data accuracy?
SAP is sensitive about entering accurate and complete data. Our system checks the data by various criteria such as zip code or location restriction for warehouse. Alerts can be set up for missing data.
Data consistency and accuracy is ensured by monitoring the file upload process. A summary report can be provided that shows what was entered into the system.

Do you support data real-time?
Yes, the data that you enter into the dashboard will be updated into the SAP real-time. The data coming from the SAP such as Inventory Status can be updated on regular frequency up to 1hr.

Can I submit a new order?
Yes, you can create a new order that will be directly uploaded into the SAP.

What files do you support?
Comma delimited, flat files, .csv,

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