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"On average, the size of transactional databases doubles every five years with core databases doubling every two years. Data reporting and analysis warehouses (OLAP stores) triple in size every three years."

Our primary service offerings include:



IT Dimensions helps companies to get a consistent and accurate view of their strategic data assets. We can connect your company with information from anywhere, in any format. Some of the integration needs we address:
  • Data integration between outsourced applications and on-premise systems
  • Connect databases, applications and ERP system within your group or with business partners
  • Fast, native connections to commonly used databases
Whether you are connecting legacy systems, enterprise applications or SaaS,
IT Dimensions can address even the most complex integration challenges such as:
  • complicated rule-sets for unions or LOBs
  • proprietary code or incomplete databases
  • synchronization issues: constantly changing data
  • developing solutions that will scale

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