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"Key cost factor with legacy takedown is data migration / conversion [Enterprise Architect]"

IT Dimensions has successfully developed trusted partner status with industry leaders in the following verticals: financial services, securities and finance, professional services, creative and advertising, to name a few:

JPMorgan Chase
Credit Suisse
Lord Abbett & Co.

Professional Services
Arc Partners, Inc.
Geo Worx Consulting
Trillium Solutions, Inc.
Traden Business Services, Inc.

Educational Services
Thinkwell Inc.
Innovative Training System, LLC

Creative / Advertising Agencies
Creative Image Advertising, Inc.
Zena Travel
Vision Systems Group

3C Pharma, Inc.

Arc International
Circle Lubricants, Inc.

Instructional Systems Company
Inline Communications, Inc.

Legal Services
Kokolakis and Associates, P.C.

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