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"In 2004 AT&T had 11 exabytes (107 TB) of wireline, wireless and Internet data. This is an equivalent amount of data to that held by 1 million Libraries of Congress."

Our primary service offerings include:


Application Development

Our application development services address challenges that businesses face with their legacy systems and databases including need to

cross reference data from multiple databases/systems
enable missing functionality and reports
replace/convert outdated and non-performing applications
lower the operational and maintenance cost

Application modernization restores the value of your existing application by extracting and leveraging the investment in the legacy application and delivering a new solution that addresses changing business requirements.

If your existing IT practices are failing to deliver against your business objectives, IT Dimensions can assist you with the following application modernization approaches:

Applications Integration

We help companies to improve flow of information across the enterprise and between them and their clients and suppliers. We can integrate your existing software with SAP or other enterprise software.

Legacy System Conversion

Converting an outdated, nonperforming system into a more flexible system with improved processes.
The business knowledge embedded in your legacy applications is extracted and re-coded using modern technology.

Web Enablement

Creating web-based interfaces for a legacy application that allow an easy access to information/reports to remote workers, clients or vendors via the enterprise intranet or internet.

Through years of application development, IT Dimensions developed a methodology that delivers cost-effective, technically reliable and low-risk method of legacy modernization with minimal impact on your operations. This methodology includes procedures with iterative reconciliation steps designed to deal with exception situations. We can address any challenging situation such as incomplete databases, proprietary code, "black boxes" and other legacy systems complications.

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