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"Key cost factor with legacy takedown is data migration / conversion [Enterprise Architect]"

About Us

IT Dimensions is a professional service organization.
Established in 1998, our company focuses on providing data management and application development services that resolve information challenges in your organization. We provide a single technology stack that enhances your organization's data quality, data optimization and data integration.

Our flexible processes and rapid deployment tools optimize the following data activities: cleansing, classification and standardization. We get rid of data silos
- we free up your data and provide you with connectors and enable you to view information, regardless of data platforms. Your benefit? A single and consistent view of real-time information that allow you to optimize business operations and expedite business decisions.

Our capabilities include:

Process Integration

We provide a technology solution. And yet, we understand that the tools we deploy serve to accomplish key business drivers. Hence, part of our methodology requires us a business process review.

Rapid Deployment Toolset

Our flagship product, jReps, is a component-based framework comprised of sophisticated algorithms. It's a dynamic toolset and one of the fastest when it comes to creating pathways with disparate databases.

Rapid Data Prototyping

One of our key differentiators is our ability to rapidly prototype data for proof-of-concept purposes.

Core Expertise

IT Dimensions is a data management company - plain and simple. Data management is our core skill set. Specifically, data quality, integration and consolidation are our key activities. Over the years, we have honed our expertise with all of the enterprise database products in the market.

If your company is planning to or currently engaged in a data transformation initiative due to the following business events, let us talk:

Mergers and Acquisitions
Enterprise Systems Upgrades
Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

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